Staff Spotlight: Abel Estrada

Program Manager & Diversity and Access Coordinator, Education Abroad

Buenos Aires, Argentina

read on for an interview with Abel and more photos from Buenos Aires!

Q: What was your favorite meal that you had while abroad? and why was it your favorite?
A: I absolutely loved Asado. Asado is basically grilled meat. The meat in Argentina is all grass fed, natural, and perfectly seasoned. They give you this incredible perfectly cooked tender piece of meat that made me want to cry every time I ate it.
Q: What is a funny experience that you had while traveling?
A: We were going to shadow some doctors at the ER of a hospital. Those of you who know me know that I get queasy at the sight of the slightest cut. So when a drunk guy came in with a huge gash across his forehead that was gushing out blood I felt myself passing out and had to run away and sit down. The guy had apparently gotten in an argument with his girlfriend and she threw a brick at his drunken head. However, we also treated a few children with fevers and overall it was an amazing experience. I’m never going to be a doctor though That’s for sure.
Q: What other counties or cities did you visit while you were living in Argentina?
A: I went to Uruguay, I got to visit Mendoza, Jujuy, Salta, and Tucuman as well.
Q: What are your essential things when packing for a weekend trip?
A: Always bring a lock, a camera, a sturdy backpack, and leave behind the plan because things never go as planned.
Q: Is there anything that Argentina has that you wish we had in the US? (maybe a type of food or candy, or a clothing store, or something along those lines)
A: There’s so many things! I have to say the Ice cream in Argentina made me all warm inside even though it was cold. That and my amazing host parents. I miss them incredibly.
Q: What is your dream job?
A: I want to run an international hostel. In a really cool Latin American country.
Q: Its Karaoke time. What song is your go to?
A: I actually went to Karaoke a couple times in Buenos Aires and one of the only songs they had in english was total eclipse of the heart by Bonnie Tyler. So I would chose an Argentine song instead and utterly embarass myself. Way better than singing Total eclipse of the heart.
Q: What is one piece of advice you would give to someone going on your program in the future?
A: Keep an open mind, Don’t be afraid to  explore the city and find the humor in every situation.

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