Staff Spotlight: Scott Funk

Program Manager, Education Abroad

Sevilla, Spain – Spring ’14

An Interview with Scott:

Q: Where did you study abroad and how was your experience there?

A: I studied abroad in Sevilla, Spain during the Spring of 2013. My experience was incredible and life changing, I met tons of new people, gained new friends, lived with a host family, and became more understanding of the different people and cultures around me.

Q: What other cities/countries did you travel to during your time abroad? Which was your favorite?

A: While I was abroad I traveled around Spain a fair amount, but I also went to Portugal, France, Netherlands, Germany, Czech Republic, Croatia, and Morocco. All of them were great in their own way because they were all so very different. My favorites would have to be a tie between Croatia and Morocco though. Croatia was geographically the most beautiful country I have ever seen with high mountains, hundreds of islands, and crisp baby blue seas surrounding the country. Morocco was a amazing because of the people and the drastic change in culture. I stayed with a host family, bathed in a public Hammam, and played soccer with the locals.

Q: If you were to study abroad again, where would you be interested in studying?

A: I would want to study in South America in either Chile or Argentina. There I could continue to practice my Spanish, observe how other hispanic cultures live, and also get the chance to travel around an entirely different continent.

Q: What are some of your personal hobbies/passions you like to do during your free time?

A: I love to play soccer, thats my favorite, but I also like playing any type of sport with my friends. In the summer I like to hike and camp, and just hang out outdoors. In the winter I love to ski. Nothing beats getting up early, skiing all day, and wrapping the day up with a nice hottub.

Q: What was your favorite food you ate while you were abroad?

A: I loved the Spanish tapas. All of them for the most part. My favorite was the patatas bravas which was essentially potatoes with a spicy hot sauce on top. Doner Kebab was all over Europe as well, so I did have my fair share of that with no complaints. Besides those two I have to say my absolute favorite food was the churros con chocolate. Oh yea, it was good. Simple churros with a hot cup of chocolate sauce to dip the churros in. They were delicious but they also led to a massive hole in my bank account.


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