Staff Spotlight: Natalya Bagdady

Q: Which study abroad program did you go on?
Sciences Po Bordeaux, exchange student for the academic year. 
Q: What other cities/countries did you travel to during your time abroad? Which was your favorite?
During my time abroad I traveled to Portugal, Greece, Italy, Ireland, Spain, and all throughout France. My favorite was Porto, Portugal for the cheap scarves and hospitable environment! (It was also gorgeous and really fun night life)
Q: What was your favorite memory from study abroad?
Soccer practices after class, and getting close with all the French girls. We didn’t play very well but we had lots of fun!
Q: What were some of the most delicious foods you were able to try abroad?
Moule frites! (Muscles and fries)- delicious sauce. 
Q: If you were to study abroad again where would you be interested in going?
Hungary, Lithuania, and Russia!
Q: What are some of your personal hobbies/passions you like to do in your free time?
Read, hike, ski, and plan my next trips!
Q: How did it feel once you had to return home from your study abroad experience?
So sad, the second I came back I started researching masters programs in Europe… hahaha

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