Study Abroad: Something for Everyone

By Lindsay Weinberg Hey you! Yes you, sitting there, reading this article. You're a vivacious young student, eager to see what the world has to teach you. You want to travel. You want to meet new people. You want to experience this crazy world we live in. You just don't know how you will do it …

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Life in Wollongong, Australia 27/2/17

By Shannon McElroy Hello hello! Greetings from First Day of Uni! I am sitting at a little café on campus with my friend Molly before we attend our ~first~ class of study abroad. I’m feeling quite blissful, as it is comfortably overcast (perfect for reading a laptop screen outside) and I’ve just ordered an iced coffee, …

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Going Beyond the Packing List: Preparing for Abroad

By Kayla Weier So you've been accepted to your program, you’ve been to your orientations, you’ve finally gotten your passport back with a probably sub-par photo of you staring back at you from your visa. All that you can do is sit and wait for the impending chaos of study abroad now, right? Not even …

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