Staff Spotlight: Natalya Bagdady

Q: Which study abroad program did you go on? Sciences Po Bordeaux, exchange student for the academic year.    Q: What other cities/countries did you travel to during your time abroad? Which was your favorite? During my time abroad I traveled to Portugal, Greece, Italy, Ireland, Spain, and all throughout France. My favorite was Porto, Portugal …

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Staff Spotlight: Katie Heinen

Marketing & Outreach Intern, Education Abroad Semester at Sea - Spring '17     Going abroad was the greatest four months of my life- so far! I went on a program called Semester at Sea, in which I traveled with 600 students, faculty, staff, and families from all over the world.      We visited …

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Exchange Spotlight: University of East Anglia (Norwich, England)

Within an hour of exploration, I learned two things. One: always look upwards while walking. The glass store-fronts of much of the city are not especially awe-inspiring. Not awe-inspiring, that is, until you take the time to look up. That’s when you realize that the building that houses your grocery store predates the founding of the United States, often by hundreds of years

Staff Spotlight: Kelsey Lanning

Global Experiences Manager, Program Manager, & Statistical Analyst, Education Abroad Salamanca, Spain - Spring '14 An interview with Kelsey: Q: Where did you study abroad and how was your experience there? A: I studied abroad spring semester junior year in Salamanca, Spain (spring 2012) and I absolutely loved it! Studying abroad is by far the best thing …

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